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Attention all aspiring manga artists!…

From Studio of:
Malcolm Matheson,
10:56amDear Friend,

Do you have problems making your
Manga characters behave exactly the way you want them

With the right expression in their eyes, the
positioning and movement of the hands, the way their hair
and clothing sits…

Would you love to be able to draw your
Manga characters in an unlimited number of positions
easily, without losing the identity of the

…maybe you are really frustrated because no
matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to draw limb
and hand movements so that they look

Do you wish that you could control the exact facial
expressions, body movements, and emotions for your Manga
characters with absolute ease?

If so then you are not alone, a huge number of
people share the same difficulties when drawing

The great news for you is that I have utilized my years of Manga drawing and teaching experience and formulated a concise and very easy to
follow ‘how to draw Manga’ book called ‘Mad About Manga’.

This book is available right here for instant download (which means you can be reading it within 5 minutes from now) and is designed to help you overcome many common Manga drawing challenges and teach you exactly how
to create seriously impressive Manga art, no matter what
your level of experience!

The reason a
lot of people struggle with their Manga artwork is because they have not
learned ‘HOW’ Manga is drawn and
instead have resorted to just replicating other peoples
Sure by doing this you may be able to copy someone else’s
creation, but why not learn how to create your own Manga
characters and even produce a 10 panel Manga

If you really
want to master the art of Manga then
you MUST learn the building
blocks and drawing techniques that are used in
creating the incredible Manga we all

Manga is complicated and the slightest stroke
can play a HUGE role in the look
and feel of your character, however when you break it
down into small building blocks it is much easier to

The great news is that in my “Mad About Manga – How to Draw Manga” book (that you can download and start using today), I start at the very beginning and show you
how to take a simple stick figure and transform it into a Manga
action character…

The head is the most crucial aspect of any
illustration, it contains the face and therefore the capacity to express yours characters
personality, thoughts and desires.

In this course you’ll learn how to draw the
exact dimensions required and how to balance facial
features perfectly so that your characters hold the
expressions you desire.

Discover exactly how to draw males and female Manga characters, young and old, with perfect eyes,
noses, ears and mouths so you can have complete control
over your character’s personality!

Finally… you’ll have no more frustration painfully trying to
get your character to express the emotion you

It doesn’t matter if your character is young,
old, female or male, I will equip you with all the skills
you need so you can enjoy the freedom to draw any Manga
character you want!

I’ll show you how to create all the emotions
that you want your character to have such as
angry, sad, happy, shocked and

When drawing Manga eyes, did you know there
are 8 crucial
elements that all play a role in creating the
emotion and mood of a character? Slight line adjustments can be
the difference between an angry villian or an innocent

When you know these features you can gain control of
the extact emotion you desire your character to have. This is
also one of the biggest stumbling blocks that I see Manga
artists struggle with.

However you wont have to worry about this because I
will show you exactly how to draw a huge range of Manga eyes
using very clever drawing techniques.

Check out these Manga eyes…

…These are only four types of Manga eyes, in my
course I will teach how to draw eyes in a step-by-step
method, with over 20 different examples of Manga eyes

Manga hair is drawn in a variety of different
ways, however the general trend is BIG! Hair plays a
crucial role in defining a character and must be done

If you have ever struggled and been frustrated
trying to get your Manga characters hair to look right,
then let me show you how to draw a huge range of hairs
styles for male and female characters, from fantasy hero
to samurai master, princess to super deformed.

Manga hair can be a challenge but with the
techniques I’ll show you it will become

Below are just a few examples of the
many variations of Manga hair that you will learn in my
“Mad About Manga – How to Draw Manga” product:

You will also learn advanced cartooning
techniques for creating multiple Manga Characters such as
Swordsman, Ninja’s, Princesses, Martial Artists, Modern
day Villians, Regular Boys and Girls, Sci Fi characters and much

also learn 3D perspective drawing, the critical difference
between males and female body shapes
AND a huge range of difference positions
that you can draw you characters in..such attacking poses,
running, punching, sitting, crawling, leaping and a whole lot

will equip you wit the freedom to create captivating Manga

…the only thing stopping you then
will be your imagination!! 

After following my guide you will have created
the exact characters you want and in the positions you
desire, then you can take it to the next level.
One way to do this, is to define your Manga charaters by
creating weapons for them that are unique and add to their
You’ll learn my weaponry creation techiques, so you too can
create incredible weapons like the examples below and be able
to develop truly eye catching Manga…

Your friends and family will think you
have been secretly attending professional art

You will learn to draw weapons like these…

Not only will I teach you exactly how to produce
your very own professional Manga characters, I also train you
in Cartoon Strip Creation!

I know exactly how to create captivatinng Manga
panels and I’ll show you the techniques required so you
too can create gripping, fast paced Manga that people
will love.

In this cartoon strip creation section of Mad About Manga, you’ll learn:

 The essential rules for Manga text that
ensure it’s punchy and captivating

 Follow my three step drafting technique
that produces professional Manga strories with

 How to use different styles of word
baloons to create engaging easy to follow Manga

 Vital rules for layout of characters and
dialogue for creating Manga that people will

 Learn the 3 components of comic humour
and make your Manga hilariously entertaining

 Learn the golden rule for connecting with
your readers so they’ll love your Manga

 Follow my dialgoue checklist & ensure
you never create a boring or confusing Manga

 Learn how to use symbols to orchestrate
rich scenes full of meaning

Yes! I want to download my copy of the ‘Mad About Manga – How to Draw Manga’ Course Right Now!

I want ‘Mad About Manga’ to teach me exactly how to draw a vast variety of Manga characters and artwork.

I also want to learn how to bring my drawings to life by having complete control over any position or emotion that I want my characters to portray.

(Valid Until Midnight
March 9th 2019)

 How To Draw Complex 3D Manga

 Exactly How to Use Speech
Bubbles & Give Birth to Life Like Manga

 The Correct Way to Draw Manga Eyes,
Hands, Hair, Heads and Ears

 How to Draw
Your Characters in Any Position You

 The Crucial Differences Between Male
& Female Body Shapes

 Transform Your Sketches Into Striking
Manga Characters With My Inking Method

 Find Out How To Connect with People
Through Manga & Keep Them

 How to Draw Weapons to Enhance the
Personality of Your Manga

 How to Draw a Huge Range Of Different
Characters & Create Diverse Manga

the Secrets to Drawing
Emotions With Facial Features Like Professional

 Manga Writing Techniques So You can
Develop Fast Paced, Dynamic Manga

 The Secrets to Creating Depth
With Your Characters by Using Shading

 Master the Skill of Using Symbols That
Can Say 1000 Words & Develop Your Manga

 Techniques for Creating Age
& Gender So You Can Create a Whole
Range of Characters

‘HOW’ Manga is constructed. When
you understand the building blocks that make up a Manga
character, there is nothing stopping YOU from drawing professional Manga.

Yes! I want to download my copy of the ‘Mad About Manga – How to Draw Manga’ Course Right Now!

I want ‘Mad About Manga’ to teach me exactly how to draw a vast variety of Manga characters and artwork.

I also want to learn how to bring my drawings to life by having complete control over any position or emotion that I want my characters to portray.

(Valid Until Midnight March 9th 2019)

Well the fact is that I use the method
that I teach and it works!

The problem with other resources available
for learning to create Manga is that they neglect to break
Manga down into bite size chunks that make producing very
intricate and animated characters into simple to follow

All this does is cause problems for a student
because they end up frustrated and

AND…I teach you how to
create some of the most challenging aspect of drawing Manga,
such as eyes, body positions, hair, hands etc…which is
exactly what most people want a Manga drawing course to
teach them!!

In my course I have ensured that I have
included every step from drawing basic lines and circles to
adding intricate details to eyes and facial features so that
you create high quality Manga.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that my course
includes is that I not only teach you how to develop Manga
characters I also teach students how to create complete Manga

I will show you the techniques
neccessary for bringing characters to life, making them
humourous, giving them emotion and captivating readers! I have
not come across a product anywhere that provides a full Manga
learning suite like this.

Chibi, otherwise known as
Super Deformed, are yet another fun character used in
In this special edition bonus I show you once again in a
step-by-step diagramatical manner exactly how to draw chibi

Infact I will take you through a 7 stage
process and show you how to create this Chibi on the right

You’ll learn the drawing techniques for
balancing and positioning the head & body, exactly how to
draw chibi eyes and a huge range of facial expressions, so that
you are fully equiped to create your own Chibi
characters. You will be able to make even more exciting
animated Manga!!! 

You get full access to this incredible
Manga course and bonus downloadable instantly after purchase.
This way you can start learning immediately. In fact there is
nothing stopping you from starting your very first Manga
character now!

Not to mention that it’s virtually impossible to
find Manga teaching classes that are even half decent
anywhere outside of Japan!

Well you are about to be pleasantly

Here’s the good news! I am not going to charge
you anywhere near that much.

Yes I could price this product in the 100’s,
afterall you are learning from a professional graphic
designer. However the fact that you can instantly
download the entire product, saves me a lot of money on
production, plus shipping and
handling…AND I want you to to be
estactic with the value you are getting.

You get everything I outlined above, all my
years of Manga creation expereince, in one concise,
instantly downloadable product ready for you to start
creating breath taking Manga with TODAY!

HOWEVER I want to make
this decision even easier by removing
ALL of the risk for

That’s right! Take 60 days to use and learn from ‘Mad About Manga’. That’s more than 8 weeks to learn how to draw amazing Manga characters and artwork from my step-by-step Manga drawing course.

Try the techniques yourself… Try as many of the tips as you can. Once you have used these strategies and dramtically improved your Manga drawing skills, I’m confident that you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out one red cent. Just send me an email and I will refund your payment. Right up to the final day of this 60 day guarantee.

Yes! I want to download my copy of the ‘Mad About Manga – How to Draw Manga’ Course Right Now!

I want ‘Mad About Manga’ to teach me exactly how to draw a vast variety of Manga characters and artwork.

I also want to learn how to bring my drawings to life by having complete control over any position or emotion that I want my characters to portray.

(Valid Until Midnight March 9th 2019)

 You could spend hundreds (and more likely thousands) of hours figuring this out on your own, or you can follow my Mad About Manga course and save yourself years of trial and error learning. You’ll be impressing your family and friends within days!

 With our instantly downloadable access
you can start learning my Manga drawing techniques in just
a few minutes from now and be on your way to producing
professional Manga.

Hundreds of other people have already
followed my Manga guide and learned how to create amazing
Manga, you could be next.

  With our instant 100%
money back guarantee, there is NO RISK
for you. Join Mad About Manga now and if you do not notice a dramatic improvement in your drawing skills, then just send me an email
and I will refund you all your money.

Yes! I want to download my copy of the ‘Mad About Manga – How to Draw Manga’ Course Right Now!

I want ‘Mad About Manga’ to teach me exactly how to draw a vast variety of Manga characters and artwork.

I also want to learn how to bring my drawings to life by having complete control over any position or emotion that I want my characters to portray.

(Valid Until Midnight March 9th 2019)

If you are a
Manga enthusiast like me and seriously want to learn how you
can effortlessly produce mind blowing Manga like a professional
cartoonist, and finally enjoy the freedom to create Manga
exactly the way YOU want it…then this is
your chance, act now!

I look forward to hearing your success stories
and although I already get a huge amount of emails I
still want to hear from you and check out the incredible
Manga you create, so please contact me!

P.S. If you don’t order ‘Mad About Manga’ right now, how will you learn how to overcome all those frustrating struggles trying to get your
Manga characters to look exactly the way you want
them to?

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